Passion & Tradition

Kris is an Australian Master Baker with over 25 years experience baking in and around the pristine Margaret River region of Western Australia. He is a perfectionist and passionate about his products.

Elisa is an Italian Hospitality Manager with a degree in Science of Tourism from the University of Turin, and has travelled the globe to settle in postcode 6285.

Together, they are Krissini.

Our Story …

Kris and Elisa got married in August 2018 in Ponderano (Biella), in the North of Italy and continue to be inspired by both their backgrounds and their mutual love of cultures, languages and most importantly… FOOD.

Kris & Elisa’s partnership business is a customer oriented attempt for COLLABORATION and CONNECTION between local producers and buyers, in order to enhance and promote our concept. We ALWAYS choose FRESH products and LOCAL suppliers. We LOVE encouraging food and drink matching in TASTING PLATTERS and cellar doors. We ENJOY working in collaboration with local chefs, farmers, wineries and food factories within to create NEW signature KRISSINI. We always STRIVE to deliver a consistent yet versatile product. WE are KRISSINI!

Handmade with Love

Our Logo is all about the Postcode

We love local markets, fresh products, healthy alternatives, environmental friendly projects and being part of the community. Our simple logo represents the region where we source the ingredients for our products and we adapt the traditional recipes and methods to our local customers needs.


Krissini is committed to providing customers with an authentic & local product, always made with love.

Locally Sourced Ingredients in Margaret River

Packaged & Wholesale Products