Authentic Italian Recipes, Local Ingredients

Krissini are handcrafted, locally baked breadsticks which combine simple, traditional Italian recipes with ingredients sourced fresh and local from the Margaret River Region. 

The quirky name comes from the style of Italian bread stick, Grissini, combined with Kristian’s nickname, Kris, to create Krissini.

Our Breadstick Ranges

Our Classic Krissini

Our Classic Krissini follow the authentic Italian recipe, with ONLY 5 stars ingredients. Baked to order in small batches, you can eat Krissini as a daily snack, with family meals, or paired with local food and drinks. The light and crispy texture of a freshly baked grissini can only be found locally.

Sugar and Preservative FREE. Natural colours and flavours. Vegan-friendly.

The five ingredients of Classic Krissini:
Flour, Water, EVO Oil, Salt, and Yeast

Hand crafted traditional Italian grissini

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